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A Thousand Times                                           Words & Music by Noah Lis
I spotted her in line one day
as we boarded busses separate ways
Ankle socks and shiny shoes
she caught my eye that day
First grade found us saving seats
Sharing toothless grins and ice cream treats
Building forts and skimming stones
We fell in love that day
Theres no where else I'd rather be- I need you here with me, to  whisper dreams of growing old,  you're on my mind a thousand times a day.
Hand in hand the years flew by
Growing up right by your side
Climbing trees and scraping knees
Were faded   memories
Sweet Sixteen,  your cheering for
A broken heart from a football score
The stage has grabbed a hold of me
I'll play your tears away
My dreams will take me far away from you, I'll sing your smile, I ‘ll  dance upon the keys for you   ,  you're on my mind a thousand  times a day
If you hadn't closed your eyes
If you hadn't lost the way
You're  still on my mind,
every day
She  walked into    class that day
And she looked  at me as if to say
Where have you been my long lost friend
I'm coming home again
In all my life I've  never known a friend as sweet as you, your smile can take my breath away, your on my mind a thousand times a day
I shared a  smile so  easily
And I said a silent prayer for me
Thank you God you've made her see
`That she belongs with me